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“4 Cups” – The Breakfast Boys

April 5, 2016 – Early on Mike and I agreed that giving any restaurant a top score of 4 cups of coffee, would mean every other restaurant could never be the best. BUT if I could give 4 cups of coffee it would be to The Boondocks, 18 N Main St, Berkley, MA.  Read more from theBreakfastBoysSite 

“5 out of 5 stars” – Yelp Reviews (Read all of them)

April 3, 2016 – I continue to be a huge fan of this little place! It’s gotten quite popular and deservedly so! I’ve still only made it for breakfast but it’s always good when I come. (One time there was a new cook on and the pancakes were underdone but he personally came out and apologized profusely and made them again. Awesome!)
Service is good and friendly and fast. The only time the food is a little slow is if it’s very busy in there. (Eg the only time it was slow for me was when every single table, booth and seat at the counter was taken. That’s quite understandable)

I love coming here and hope they continue to be here for many years.

“4 out of 5 hoots” – TripAdvisor Reviews (Read all of them)

Homey atmosphere, good food and reasonable prices…..

January 21, 2016 – Out in the country about a 30 minute drive from New Bedford, Mass and a 20 minute drive from Fall River, Boondocks is located in the small, rural town of Berkley. We enjoyed driving there on a cold but sunny day, and enjoyed our visit even more. A bright, homey facility with both booths and tables, Boondocks is generally very…

Endless List of Facebook Reviews (Read all of them)

March, 2016 – We just came from The Boondocks Rest. I wanted baked scrod but not made with butter. The cook is the best. She made me the best baked scrod with no butter just olive oil. It was the best fish i have every had. My honey had the baked port chops. There where 2 very big and tasty chops. Best place around. This is not our first time here. Keep up the great work.